60525 – 6″ X 8″ Quick Set SML Shield Kit


Our Shield Kits are the perfect solution to portable and adjustable safety shields!
These kits are available in 3 sizes to fit your application.
All kits include:
1pc 1/8” thick Polycarbonate Shield (Replacable)
1pc 14” Long X 3/4” Loc-Line Adjustable Arm
1pc 60lb holding force magnet with attached 3” Fixed Mount.


60525 – 6″ x 8″ Small Quick Set Shield Kit

Perfect for PPE applications! Polycarbonate  shield material can be disinfected for reuse.

For non magnetic mounting the (fixed mount) can be unbolted from the magnet and bolted down to any solid surface.

Once the fixed mount is bolted down, the socket end of the arm can be connected to the fixed mount.


(1) 6″x 8″ Shield Kit

All Quick-Set Shield Kits include a 14″ adjustable
3/4″ Loc-Line arm, magnetic base and fitting for fixed mounting.

Material: Properties

Material: Properties

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WARNING California Prop 65