49483-G – GRAY ProStream Nozzle Pack of 10 (.160DiaX.500Long)


49483-G – GRAY ProStream Nozzle Pack of 10 (.160DiaX.500Long)
Materials and Properties:

Material:Acetal Copolymer

Colors:Orange, Black, Grey


Yes:Acetone, Alcohol, Ethyl, Greases, Oils, Commercial Dish Detergents, Gasoline, Lacquer Solvents, Sodium Hydroxide

No:Chlorine,?Acids, Ammonium Hydroxide, Bases Strong, Hypochlorite Ion Solutions, Sodium Hypochlorite

Melting Point:329F

Maximum Operating Temperature:?170F(Repeated exposure to this temperature will cause fatigue)

Recommended Maximum Line Pressure & Flow Rates:

50 PSI 250 gph

110 PSI 500 gph (With Element Clamps)

FDA Information:

Loc-Line is made of an Acetal copolymer.? This material in accordance with the rules in 21CFR 177.2470 meets the requirements of this regulation for food contact.?All colorants are used at the recommended let-down ratio to meet 21CRF 178.3297.?Loc-Line?is not sanctioned for use with alcoholic or fatty foods at any temperature. The material also meets NSF International Standards 14, 51 and 61 for contact with?potable water

Please note that all applications have variables and conditions that will affect the maximum working?pressures.?Testing suitability for your application is always recommended.

Lockwood Products Inc. does not warrant any particular application for it’s products.

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49483-G – GRAY ProStream Nozzle Pack of 10 (.160DiaX.500Long)