51837 – 1/2″ Circle Flow Nozzle Kit


This kit is perfect for encircling a tool to provide complete coolant coverage.


  • Kit includes 15 1/2″ Side video Nozzles snapped together to create a circle nozzles, and a 1/2″ End Cap
  • Nozzle kit can cover a large radius to cover multiple angles at once
  • Can be bent in a variety of positions
  • Utilized in a variety of application such as brew sparging, greenhouse, agriculture and food processing
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51837 – 1/2″ Circle Flow Nozzle Kit


Assembly Includes:
15pc 1/2″ Side Flow Nozzles
1pc 1/2″ End Cap

Overall Length = 24.375″

Material: Properties

CAD: Parasolid Format

CAD: Step Format