• Colors: Yellow
  • Chemical Compatibility:
  • Yes: Acids under 150F, Alcohols, Aromatic Solvents, Gasoline, Grease, Hydrocarbons, Oils, Salt
  • No: Acids over 150F, Chlorine, Acetone, Chlorinated Hydrocarbon, Bases Strong, Ethyl Acetate, Water Hotter than 150F
  • Melting Point: 475F
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 170F (Repeated exposure to this temperature will cause fatigue)
  • Recommended Maximum Line Pressure & Flow Rates:
  • 1/4″ System: 55 psi – 250 gph or (110 psi – 500 gph W/ Element Clamps)
  • 1/2″ System: 30 psi – 475 gph or (60 psi – 950 gph W/ Element Clamps)
  • 3/4 System: 20 psi 1,140 gph or (40 PSI 2,280 gph W/ Element Clamps)
  • Acetal Copolymer in accordance with the rules in 21CFR 177.2470 meets the requirements of this regulation for food contact.
  • All colorants are used at the recommended let-down ratio to meet 21CRF 178.3297.
  • Loc-Line is not sanctioned for use with alcoholic or fatty foods at any temperature.
  • This material meets NSF International Standards 14, 51 and 61 for contact with potable water
  • Please note that all applications have variables and conditions that will affect the maximum working pressures. Testing suitability for your application is always recommended.
  • Lockwood Products Inc. does not warrant any particular application for it’s products.